Sonic purge valve


New product

Purgeur pour la société SOLVAY (réf 1210022)

The air purge valve allows the evacuation of the air at a flow rate controlled by the cross section of the nozzle Ref. 1,thus limiting water hammer at the end of the purging operation.

In fact, the laws of air-flow mean that this cannot exceed the speed of sound, ie., about 200 m/sec in the concerned, whatever the pressure may be upstream.

It should be noted that this flow rate is attained at abcut 2 bar absolute.

Due to this, any water hammer following the completion of a purge of the circuit is pratically cancelled out.

Choice of ND of air purge valve.
The choice of air purge valve must make allowance for :

  • the diameter of the pipe
  • the maximum service pressure (see table below).

La SNH fabrique également la gamme des purgeurs DUOSONIC sur demande.

Specification leaflet available on demand