S.N.H (New Hydraulic Company)

Created in 1984

Located north of Lyon Area, SNH develops and manufactures its own products.

Specialist protection and regulation for drinking water, irrigation, and sewage water, SNH also performs on request of specific devices.

Nous exportons notre savoir-faire soit 50% de notre chiffre annuel.

Heart of our business: Designing and producing hydraulic equipment necessary to protect the networks of water supply, irrigation, and sewage water.

We manufacture in partnership with French 100% year outsourcing faucets follows :

  • anti hammer valve DN60 to DN250 PN bars 10/16/25/40
  • air relief type sonic or duosonic (as Neyrtech)and air inlet valve (vacuum breaker) ND 80 to ND 300 PN 10/16/25 bars
  • Float ball valve ND60/65 DN500 PN 10/16
  • Sewage water valve 3 functions in ND 50/80/100/150/200 PN 10/16/25 Airclip
  • ND 80 to DN 300 inlet valve for clean air

After Receipt your profile along We Can calibrate the hydraulic equipment of your networks.